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Green Mango Boys Anniversary Video

March 30, 2015


Green Mango Boys Video

December 11, 2014



Here's a video about our store and our PHO.

Music by: Viet Nam Beats

Green Mango Thai Select

November 13, 2014


We'd like to congratulate our sister restaurant (The Green Mango) for receiving the designation of Thai Select. This designation is given by the Thai Consulate and the Thailand Ministry of Commerce to restaurants who they consider as fine authentic Thai restaurants.

Green Mango Boys carries Urban Zen Teas

November 2, 2014















Urban Zen is once again on our menu. At the moment, we are not carrying their full line of green iced teas but we are carry their most popular ones. We carry the following flavors:


Honey Jasmin


Aloe Mango

Aloe Calamansi Lime


Urban Zen Green Teas are one of the best premium iced teas in the market. The Urban Zen story of Alice and John is a match made in heaven. Congrats to Alice and John in the success of their company. Urban Zen Teas can be found in most Shoppers Drug Mart, Whole Foods, Longo's and many other high end retail stores. We hope you guys enjoy the Urban Zen products.



Green Mango Boys New Tees

September 28, 2014















Our new uniforms are in. Thanks to for the awesome and quick service. The design shows how much we love PHO. It's inspired by my son Adrian who can eat PHO for all three meals. He told me one day that he wishes there will be PHO in heaven.

Modeled by: Tina